Criminal Defense Attorney in NYC

What to do if you are charged with a Crime in New York City

In New York City, the conviction rate has risen to 67%. A strong legal defense is required to combat the New York City legal system. We work on your case and bring the legal expertise you will need to tackle your charges head on.

When charged of any crime in New York City, it is in your best interest to call in legal representation. We act as the defense you will need to have your rights understood and voice heard by the law. Hire us to avoid unfair charges maiming your record and reputation. We offer special experience in the following areas:

Crimes in New York City

After an arrest, the charges that follow bring with them various possible punishments and consequences. In New York City, every county and borough has its own criminal and justice systems that have developed over the years, so a practiced attorney is necessary in order to successfully navigate the discrepancies in the New York City legal system.

Vehicular Crimes

A car accident is a fast, extremely dangerous event, and law enforcement will often investigate the driver to determine if the driver was under the influence, reckless, or even just left the scene. Recent developments in local New York City Law, including Vision Zero legislation, has increased penalties for striking predestrians with an automobile even if done unintentionally. You need an experienced New York City Criminal Defense Attorney from our firm to assist you to navigate such prosecutions.

Assault Crimes

An assault crime is no light matter, depending on the circumstances, prison could be a very real threat. Build up your legal defense and make sure that the whole story is heard with our help. If you do not have a strong legal defense, you have the worse the charges will become, leading to you facing the full brunt of a court decision. Fight the charges that could have you facing felony charges along with the fines and penalties that come with them.


When charged with burglary, there are usually other charges added in, as well, furthering the penalties. But burglary itself is considered a felony in New York, with three degrees of the crime that all end up with prison time as punishment. With the right legal defense, you will be able to fight the charges that will most definitely affect the quality of your life.

Drug Possession

Drug possession in New York City is punished depending on the circumstances of the situation. New York City, however, has some of the strictest stances on drug crimes in the country. You could even be charged with drug possession law without even holding any; vicinity is good enough for the courts. But no matter the extent of the charges, you will need legal representation to help make fight the charges.

Hire the Attorneys that Serve Clients in New York City, NY, and Surrounding Areas

If you’ve been accused of a crime, you’ll need an aggressive New York City criminal defense attorney to come to your aid. We work with you to make sure that the charges you face are addressed and handled. Do not face charges without the proper legal help at our side, making sure that your case remains airtight. Call now to receive a free consultation on your case.

Past Results

  • Successfully defended Co-Defendant in Bobby Shmurda GS-9 Gang Conspiracy Case – Mr. Najmi successfully defended one of the co-defendants in the high profile gang conspiracy case involving well-known rappers Bobby Shmurda and GS9 Entertainment. Mr. Najmi’s client was alleged to have committed Attempted Murder, Conspiracy to Murder, Conspiracy to Drugs, and weapon charges facing potentially decades of prison time. Mr. Najmi was able to secure a plea to a single weapons possession charge and have all other charges dismissed for a sentence of 5 year with a probation violation to run concurrently.
  • Obtained Youthful Offender Status for Robbery in the First Degree for Teenager While a Green Card Application Was Pending – Mr. Najmi was able to obtain Youthful Offender status for a 17-year-old New Yorker who was arrested for Robbery in the First Degree, a serious felony offense which would make the client deportable. Mr. Najmi was able to convince the District Attorney and Judge to sentence the client to Youthful Offender status, thereby preventing the client from obtaining a criminal record and eliminating any immigration consequences. A few months later, the client was granted a Green Card by the Federal Government.
  • Domestic Violence Charges Dismissed, Family Reunited – Mr. Najmi was able to have all charges advanced for dismissal where a mistaken complaint of Assault and Endangering the Welfare of a Child led to frivolous charges being imposed on our client. An Order of Protection against an innocent father separated him from his wife and children. Working together with the client’s entire family and the District Attorney, Mr. Najmi was able to have the charges dismissed and Order of Protection vacated.