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New York Times Reports on New York’s Sealed Record Law

The New York Times published an in depth feature on New York’s recent sealed record law, which allows individuals to seal Felony convictions for the first time in New York State. The article states that as of May 2018, only 346 individuals have had their records sealed statewide. The article details the obstacles many applicants…

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Improper District Attorney Subpoena Quashed

January 3, 2018 Brooklyn DA’s Improper Use of Subpoenas Called COERCIVE by Judge A decision by Brooklyn Criminal Court Judge Donald Leo was handed down today in Kings County Criminal Court, declaring the Brooklyn District Attorney’s improper use of witness Subpoenas coercive. The decision reaffirms that a witness Subpoena—unlike a Subpoena for documents and records—can…

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Community Leaders Call on Queens District Attorney To Prosecute Hate Crime

August 8, 2016 For Immediate Release Contact Ali Najmi, Esq. (347) 765-1345 Victim and Community Leaders Call On Queens District Attorney to Prosecute Hate Crime Gazi Rahman, a Bangladeshi immigrant and resident of Jamaica, Queens, was viciously assaulted by a random stranger later identified as Christopher Porr. The assault occurred on Hillside Avenue near Parsons…

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Suspended Hack Licenses Upon Arrest of Taxi Drivers

Arrested Taxi Drivers Have a Right to a Hearing Under OATH to save their Hack License New York City taxi drivers have tough jobs: maneuvering through New York traffic with passengers short on time can be a stressful experience. Often, taxi drivers pick up passengers late at night that have been partying and are heavily…

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