Police Shootings in Long Island

In July 2020 New York City saw a 177% increase in shootings over the year before. The New York City Police Department has initiated a plan to engage more with people in the community as well as community leaders in an effort to reduce gun violence. But people are talking about police brutality and police shootings all across the nation. Mayor Deblasio blames the summer 2020 uptick in shootings on the virus and gangs, but in order to understand violence, you must understand the history, socioeconomic factors, and other circumstances that lead to crime. Once you do a deeper investigation the picture looks very different.

Police shootings are a difficult and hot topic because law enforcement is expected to serve and protect using the least amount of force necessary in order to get the job done. This is important for citizens’ safety as well as to keep officers aware of the power that they have at all times. Only a qualified and experienced attorney can help people navigate the complex legal system and fight their rights. 


Who decides whether or not the officer was justified in shooting?

Most people have been hearing about shootings in the news regardless of where they live. This has become one of the hottest topics being discussed during the pandemic, as police departments all over the United States are being scrutinized for the decisions they make and their connection with the local community. 

Typically, police officers are allowed to use deadly force if they see another person using deadly force against another person, such as brandishing a weapon or stabbing a person. Lethal force or deadly force is the use of force that will certainly stop a person if they’re committing a crime, but the reasoning leading to using it may be in question. After the use of deadly force, most departments will conduct interviews to reevaluate the agency’s policies and protocols, and to determine if they were followed properly in the instance. There may also be input from local citizens who provide their own view of the city’s law enforcement.


According to the New York City police Department Annual Use of Force/Firearms Discharge Report data tables, the following information was collected:

  • In the year 2019, there were 145 instances of serious physical injuries on subjects by an on-duty officer, and 5 were from off-duty officers
  • The same year, there were 1,269 incidences of electrical weapons being discharged by an on-duty officer, and 3 by off-duty officers, for a total of 1271
  • The same year there were 6952 incidents of the use of physical force by an on-duty police officer
  • Areas that had the most use of a firearm were the Bronx and East and Central Harlem

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do officers use guns to shoot instead of using Tasers?

There are a couple of reasons why police officers are trying to shoot rather than to use tasers. First of all, tasers have been known to fail at least 30% of the time, which is a large percentage when considering how important reliability is in these high-stress situations. When someone needs to be subdued, the last thing anyone needs in a crisis is for the Taser to not work. There are also several questions that officers must ask themselves before they use any type of force such as:

  • How much distance is between myself and the suspect?
  • If a suspect has a lethal weapon, are they threatening to use that weapon? Do I see a weapon on their body?
  • Is the suspect obeying my verbal commands?

Depending on their answers to these questions they will make a choice whether or not to deploy a gun or a Taser.

Why You Need A Civil Rights Attorney

When your rights have been violated or your loved one was killed in a police shooting, then it is very important to speak with a civil rights lawyer about the best course of action to take for your specific situation. If you or your loved ones have been victimized by the very people who are sworn to protect them, then give our office a call today. We provide compassionate and aggressive representation. We empathize with our clients and fight for them to receive the justice they deserve. So give The Law Office of Ali Najmi a call today to schedule your consultation.


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