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I’ve been charged with a DWI in New York City–Now What?

In New York City, the formal term for drunk driving is driving while intoxicated, or DWI. Being charged with DWI brings with it heavy implication depending on your blood alcohol concentration, BAC, at the time of arrest. New York City has a zero tolerance for underage DWI, so any percentage automatically leaves its mark on a record. If no actions are taken, the DWI on record can follow you for the rest of your life.

Do not hesitate to call us and get legal protection as soon as possible. Every moment wasted getting legal representation is another moment the prosecution has to build a case against you. Depending on your age, the BAC, any problems with your driver’s license, and whether or not you submitted a chemical test, there will be different aspects of a case to tackle. Minors face zero tolerance (0.02% BAC is acceptable for a full arrest), while adults face charges if their BAC is: 0.08% or 0.04% while driving a commercial vehicle.

New York City DWI Charge Consequences

In addition to a permanent mark on your record, charges of DWI come with heavy consequences. Charges of DWI can result in:

  • License Suspension
  • License Revocation
  • Fees (ranging from $500-$5,000)
  • Jailtime
  • Mandatory Classes

There are also the additional consequences added, if anyone was hurt during a DWI stint. Waiting to find legal help worsens these punishments, and we work to face the charges in a way that makes sure that you do not go undefended in any regard. This is especially important if the charges are upgraded to felony status.

Felony level crimes are not only more severely punished, the DWI penalties they bring mark a record and make any subsequent court appearances harder, as well. A felony charge means that jail time may not be deemed appropriate enough to fit the extent of the crime, instead prison time will be considered. The fees of felony DWI’s are increased, along with the penalties to drive a car or ability to drive in general, as well. Overall, it is important to make sure that charges are addressed and felony charges for a DWI incident avoided.

Hire a New York City Law Firm that Serves Clients in New York City, NY, and Surrounding Areas

If you face DWI charges, do not wait to hire the legal help that know New York City laws inside and out. We work in New York City to aggressively defend you in court and address the charges that may severely impact the quality of your day-to-day life. Time is of the essence, and waiting will only make the situation worse. Call now for a free consultation on your case. Hire us and have the lawyers willing to work their hardest to defend you at your side today.

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