Jaquan Roberts Wrongfully Arrested in Resorts World Casino Incident


April 8, 2015



JAQUAN ROBERTS, wrongfully arrested for allegedly shooting a gun in the parking lot of the Resorts World Casino in South Ozone Park, Queens was released from custody in the early hours of April 8th, 2015. The Office of the Queens County District Attorney has declined to prosecute the case.

JAQUAN ROBERTS, a Brooklyn-based father of two children and active member of his church, maintains his innocence against wrongful accusations made by the New York Police Department (NYPD). Roberts, who was wrongfully accused by the NYPD and was widely reported as the suspected gunman, turned himself in to the 106th Precinct of the NYPD early morning on April 7th, 2015 with his attorney, Ali Najmi, at his side.

The NYPD’s cause for arrest was completely unfounded. Detectives made an arrest despite any eyewitness testimony or any weapons recovered from Mr. Roberts or a search of his family’s home. The false arrest resulted from an over reliance on an often criticized facial recognition technology. Despite its many limitations facial recognition technology has been touted by the NYPD as an effective crime-fighting tool.

“There was a rush to judgment here by the NYPD with out sufficient evidence. We commend the Queens District Attorney for declining to prosecute this case and my client is happy to have his name cleared,” said his attorney Ali Najmi.

Allegations against Mr. Roberts stem from an alleged altercation and incident at the Resorts World Casino in South Ozone Park, Queens on Friday April 3rd 2015. An NYPD spokesperson alleged that Mr. Roberts fired shots in the parking lot of the casino that same night. No one was reported hurt as a result of the shooting.

Mr. Roberts was not charged with any crimes and has returned home to his family.

“Ali Najmi did excellent work reducing my case to a minimum, helping me avoid jail time as well as giving me the opportunity to have another chance to live a law abiding life. I had quite a heavy case and Ali succeeded in defending me.”

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