Slip And Fall Lawyer in NYC

Slip and fall accidents in New York City can leave you with serious injuries. If you’re a victim of an accident, you can seek assistance from slip and fall lawyers in NYC. Ali Najmi is ready to take on your case and help you file a personal injury claim. With our help, you could receive compensation for your trouble.

A personal injury claim is a civil lawsuit that can get you money for slip and falls and other accidents. When you file a claim with a successful outcome, you can receive money for your medical bills and missed work.

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When is a Slip and Fall Accident a Personal Injury Claim?

Not all slip and fall accidents in NYC are personal injury claims. However, many of them are. Accidents that involve negligence on the part of someone other than the injured party are potential personal injury claims.

Every slip and fall accident is unique. For that reason, it’s important to speak to a lawyer about your incident. One of the more experienced slip and fall lawyers in NYC can listen to the details of your case. Then, they can tell you about your options.

Common Types of Slip and Fall Accidents in NYC

Slip and falls happen in many ways. Here are a few of the most common types of slip and fall cases:

1. Private Property Accidents

When someone invites you into their home, they have the responsibility of keeping the environment safe. If you fall over an unmarked hazard, you could go to court. According to local laws, the homeowner could be responsible.

2. Workplace Accidents

If you have an accident in the workplace, your employer might be responsible. Your employer needs to maintain a safe work environment for you and other employees. If they neglect to do that, you could find yourself a victim of personal injury.

Slip and falls are common workplace injuries. In New York City, fall accidents were the most common construction site violation noticed by OSHA. Those accidents can lead to serious injuries. If they do, the victims can seek compensation.

3. Falls at Places of Business

Retail shops, stadiums, and other venues can be full of hazards. If you fall over one of those hazards, the business owner might be responsible.

In New York City, the crowds can make activities like shopping dangerous. You might not be able to see what’s at your feet. If you slip and fall, you could file a lawsuit to hold the business owner responsible.

Taking Action with Slip and Fall Lawyers in NYC

If you experience injuries from a slip and fall accident, you should contact a personal injury lawyer in NYC for free consultation services. Ali Najmi can discuss your options and advise you on your next steps.

According to local laws, you only have three years to file a personal injury claim against a property owner. You also only have three years to file for property damage from the fall. For example, you could file a claim if you suffered no injuries but broke an expensive watch during your fall.

The sooner you file your lawsuit, the sooner you can get results. Instead of waiting, contact us for help.

Working with an Experienced Team

Slip and fall claims can be difficult to prove. Fortunately, our team has the experience and the knowledge necessary for results. We have the tools and resources you need to take on businesses and insurance companies.

Here at the Law Office of Ali Najmi, we want to get you the compensation you deserve. No victim of a slip and fall should need to bear the financial burden. With medical bills and missed work, you could find yourself accumulating debt.

But that burden does not rest solely on your shoulders. Our team can work to hold the other party responsible. Contact us for a free consultation, and be on your way to a brighter future.


“Ali Najmi did excellent work reducing my case to a minimum, helping me avoid jail time as well as giving me the opportunity to have another chance to live a law abiding life. I had quite a heavy case and Ali succeeded in defending me.”

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