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Since establishing his practice, Ali Najmi has defended many individuals charged with very serious crimes in New York City.

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Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney Manhattan

Law Office of Ali Najmi is devoted to treating each client as they are not just a case number. Law Office of Ali Najmi has a sound reputation for giving each of their clients the individualized attention and care their case needs to build a strong defense. Call (212) 401-6222 to get started today.

Every medicare fraud defense case is different, but the first step to protect your rights is the same for every case. That first step is hiring an attorney that focuses on medicare fraud defense law. Law Office of Ali Najmi wants to fight for your rights, put your interest first, and make sure your voice is heard. If you have been arrested in the Manhattan area, contact Law Office of Ali Najmi for an attorney that is proficient in medicare fraud defense law and compassionate to defend your case.

If you are facing charges for a medicare fraud defense offense in Manhattan, contact a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible. Waiting until it is too late can come with disastrous consequences. Your very first priority whenever you are involved with the criminal justice system should be to retain the services of a skilled legal representative who can create the proper defense strategy.

If you have been arrested or are under investigation for any type of criminal offense, you need an attorney who will provide you with aggressive and personalized legal counsel. Manhattan law enforcement and prosecutors are ready to put you behind bars; make sure that you counter their efforts with the help of a criminal lawyer who understands the ins and outs of both sides of criminal proceedings. Call Law Office of Ali Najmi at (212) 401-6222.

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